1. 19 June 2012

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    One implication of a focus on process is attention to the relation between means and ends. While some anarchists have taken a more Machiavellian approach to change, arguing that the ends justify the means, many have sought a mutually constitutive relation between what we are seeking and how we seek it. Goldman’s reflections on her early disastrous involvement with an attentat, a political assassination, persuaded her that the process of making change is a fundamental aspect of the change being made, that all change is process. She was a revolutionary, but she did not think that revolutionaries actually make revolutions, in the sense of starting them or leading them. Rather, revolutions are more like climactic events, magnificent and terrible storms that well up from a society’s injustices, desperations, and hopes. The anarchist’s task was, for her, to do the daily political work of educating, exemplifying, and creating anarchist spaces, giving the people opportunities to articulate and practice radical life processes, preparing them to take advantage of the opportunities revolutions provide to create new life practices.

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